Xt3 Podcast: SCENE in Sydney!http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621The Sydney Congress Embracing the New Evangelisation took over Sydney for a week, to commemorate the one-year anniversary of WYD08. There were fantastic events and talks all around Sydney during the week, and SCENEsters were recognisable everywhere, in their bright orange scarves. Every evening there were Pub Talks, and Xt3 were on hand to record them, and bring them to you! Enjoy!Fri, 07 Aug 2009 04:11:39 GMT1440en2019 xt3.comSun, 25 Aug 2019 11:11:19 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/images/libraryResource/thumbnails/82210.jpegSCENE in Sydney!http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621Marriage = Male+Female: Bernard and AilishIn a time where the concept of marriage is being challenged, Bernard Toutounji unwraps the theology behind why marriage is for Man and Woman, and Ailish McKeowon looks at marriage from a Philosophical perspective.Mon, 10 Aug 2009 02:57:02 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=308http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=308What is Truth: Michael CaseyThe age old question 'What is Truth' is tackled by Michael Casey, but looking at its opposite, 'What are Lies?' ... please note, this talk has a lot of pub background noise.Mon, 10 Aug 2009 02:52:02 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=307http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=307Creation v Evolution: Eamonn KeaneEamonn Keane tackles the big debate between creation and evolution!Mon, 10 Aug 2009 02:48:10 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=306http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=306Are Condoms the Answer: Chris MeneyWith all the media attention following the Pope's comments on condoms, Chris Meney sets the record straight!Mon, 10 Aug 2009 02:45:22 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=305http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=305The Feminine Genius: Sr Mary MadelineWhat really makes a sucessful woman? Sr Mary Madeline OP shares her thoughts...Mon, 10 Aug 2009 02:43:18 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=304http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=304Reclaiming Masculinity: Peter HolmesPeter Holmes tackles the mysterious and important topic of 'masculinity'.Mon, 10 Aug 2009 02:35:49 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=303http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=303Reincarnation: Fr Paul GlynnWhat is reincarnation and why is it such a popular way of thinking? Fr Paul Glynn answers this questions...Mon, 10 Aug 2009 02:33:10 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=302http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=302Christianity & Politics: Greg SmithHow involved should the Christian be in the great social policy debates of our time? Aren’t we simply imposing our own viewsFri, 07 Aug 2009 04:19:22 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=301http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=301The New Age: Fr Terence MaryFr Terence Mary OFM, Conv speaks about the truths and myths regarding 'The New Age' ... please note, this talk has a lot of pub background noise.Fri, 07 Aug 2009 04:18:53 GMThttp://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=300http://www.xt3.com/library/view.php?id=621&episodeId=300