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Jesus the Bartender

Last edited 7th June 2012

Jesus the Bartender

I have a few images of God. I’ve imagined God as a parent or a friend. I’ve thought of God the Artist when I see the beauty around me or a sky painted with the setting sun. I’ve also considered Jesus the Traveller when I’m on the road or the rails, imagining Jesus by my side as I travel from place to place. It’s kind of nice to think of him keeping me company as I explore new places and encounter new situations. Not a bad travel companion, I say.
But my favorite image of God is Jesus the Bartender. Have you forgotten the wedding at Cana? Jesus made the drinks! It was his first miracle.

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Laura Cain
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Laura Cain wrote at 12:20am on June 6th 2012
love this analogy!
Shawn Roche
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Shawn Roche wrote at 8:02pm on June 7th 2012
God could see how grapes would be used. I don't know how anyone would think God wouldn't enjoy the odd glass of red. :) He does, after all, know not to indulge.