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"God is Dead" - A Response to the Claims of the New Atheism

Last edited 8th June 2012

This video is in response to the claims of the "New Atheism." One that has been presented by the likes of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. One who holds faith is NOT irrational. Science and reason are not incompatible with faith in fact they compliment each other very well because they come from the same source, God.

This awesome video was produced by Spirit Juice Studios, with Fr. Pontifex: "We hope that this video touches the hearts of many people. If you seek to dialogue in the commentary below please be respectful of those you are communicating with. Slander, foul language and the like will not be tolerated. May God, who is fully alive, bless each viewer."

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Shawn Roche
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Shawn Roche wrote at 12:17pm on June 9th 2012
This made my morning! I am so glad that Fr. Pontifex took the time to make this! :)
Patrick Cronin
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Patrick Cronin wrote at 1:50pm on June 12th 2012
God and Nothingness--Not sure I see that as the only choice. I can remember when I was in the seminary (a long time ago) Time magazine had a cover that proclaimed--God Is Dead. We were up in arms about it but our professors brought us down to Earth and showed us the light--instructed us. The people in time (many theologians--including RCs) were saying that the God that Man (Humans) had created was dead and that we needed to resurrect a new God--one closer to the truth. Sorry I can't rap but then I don't wear a dress either.
Patrick Cronin
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Patrick Cronin wrote at 1:55pm on June 12th 2012
According to Karl Rahner a good atheist who is searching for the answers is better off than a complacent Christian who has stopped asking and seeking quite moving. Karl called this atheist the "anonymous Christian." Christian but didn't know it but by living according to his/her conscience to the best of their ability they are following the will of God. The poor Christian has started to die and rot.