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Pope Declares Álvaro del Portillo, First Successor of St. Josemaría Escrivá, 'Venerable'

Last edited 28th June 2012

The Pope signed a decree that recognizes the 'heroic virtues' of Alvaro del Portillo. He was the first successor of St. Josemaría Escrivá, who founded the Opus Dei. He was also his closest collaborator.

This step is actually key, as his beatification process goes further. It means, that Benedict XVI recognizes that “Don Alvaro” exemplified Christian virtues in his life. Now, those working on his cause for beatification, must present a documented miracle to the Vatican.

Click here for the full list of decrees by Pope Benedict XVI, in which he advanced the path towards canonisation for 16 new 'Servants of God'.

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Siuyin Ho
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Siuyin Ho wrote at 8:07am on June 30th 2012
Everyone should see the movie "There be Dragons" which covers the early life of Josemaria Escriva just before and for a while after he founded Opus Dei. This is a brilliant film - I saw it just last night. It really clearly portrays the confusion and inconsistencies of the times in which he lived and served among the people of Spain - during the Spanish Civil War - where in which no side was sure of what it was really doing. It goes to show that where there is no coming together of groups of like-minded people in Spirit and in Truth, there can be no real victory and it also shows how when people do come together and really dialogue and overcome the superficial obstacles (dragons) to collaborative mission, then much good can be achieved. It shows how Josemaria and Don Alvaro and other companions set a great example of something which, if only taken up by many more people around at that time, would have brought a real and lasting peace to the entire political and social fabric of the Spain of that time - this would have allayed considerably the mass-confusion that reigned in the form of mob-mentality that was greatly obscuring the vision of how true freedom could be achieved. Irrespective of how things actually panned out, Josemaria's dream really took off in a way that has immense potential in our times and the future - to achieve in a more wide-spread way what he and his friends had set out to do. They laid the ground-work, the foundations as it were - and now, it's up to us to carry it forward in our own unique way.