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Vatican Observatory Welcomes Success of Mars Landing

Last edited 8th August 2012

Vatican Observatory Welcomes Success of Mars Landing

The science rover Curiosity landed on Mars on Monday morning to begin a two-year mission seeking evidence the Red Planet once hosted ingredients for life. The head of the Vatican Observatory, Fr. José Gabriel Funes, told Vatican Radio that he welcomes the achievement. “I think everybody should be happy with the success of [the start of] this mission,” he said, adding, “we now have to wait for results, to see if we can learn more about Mars and the possibility of organic elements on the surface of Mars.”

Asked whether Catholics and believers in general have anything to fear - whether from from the search for extraterrestrial life in particular or from scientific exploration generally, Fr. Funes SJ responded, “No, of course not – we are not afraid of science, we are not afraid of new results, new discoveries.” Visit this article to read more.

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