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Ask a Priest - What Should Christians Tell Children about Santa Claus?

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Ask a Priest - What Should Christians Tell Children about Santa Claus?

Is there anything wrong with letting your children believe in Santa Claus? Can you suggest other ways to make Christmas a more Christian celebration in the home?

Regarding Santa Claus I suggest you take a look at the Advent Calender on Xt3. December 6th was the feast of Saint Nicholas and there is an explanation about him as the feature for that day. Maybe you can substitute Saint Nicholas for Santa.

There is no problem in letting children believe in Santa, but a family can also have other traditions that can help give a more religious dimension to Advent. For example, having an Advent Wreath in the house. Each Sunday the family could get together and light a candle in the wreath and say some prayers.

Some families also set up nativity scenes and this in another way to reinforce the religious message. You can even have a nativity scene, without the child Jesus until Christmas,and have the figures of the Magi that move towards the crib, with the children taking it turns each Sunday of Advent to move the figures.

There is information about the Advent Wreath and other traditions here.

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