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Busting the Myths about Pope Francis & the "Dirty War"

Last edited 21st March 2013

Busting the Myths about Pope Francis & the

Critics of Pope Francis have already started to drag up an association between the Holy Father and Argentina's "Dirty War", claiming that the then Fr. Bergoglio did nothing to stop the violence of the Junta, including the imprisonment of two Jesuit priests.

In this excellent article from CNA, Fr. Matthew Lamb, chair of the Theology Department at Ave Maria University in Naples, clarifies the facts.

"What Bergoglio was doing might be similar to what Karol Wojtyla did in Poland under Nazism and Communism: work behind the scenes to support the opposition without identifying totally with them. That is why, when Pope and visiting Guatemala, John Paul II criticized the Jesuits who had become Sandinista party members. The people needed to see in the Church an institution that supported their freedom without identifying with any party given the all too common tendency to engage in unjust violence against the innocent and identify the transpolitical Kingdom of God with this worldly politics.

"Thus Fr. Bergoglio would publicly decry the violence of the Junta and that of the guerillas. In this he was also following the teaching of then-Cardinal Ratzinger when he, as head of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith, criticized those adherents of liberation theology that identified the Gospel with gaining political power through identification with Marxist guerilla forces."

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