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Great Grace Conference - Receiving Vatican II Today

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Great Grace Conference - Receiving Vatican II Today

Workshop - Sacred Sexuality: Energising the Prophetic Role of Matrimony - Dr Byron & Francine Pirola

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How does one present the wisdom of the Church to mainstream Catholics and families in today’s culture? Since the Second Vatican council, the social landscape has changed dramatically making the transmission of Catholic values more difficult. Open hostility from the secular media and misrepresentation of Catholic teachings, together with an increase in interfaith marriages make the conversation with Catholic families more complex. The secularization and sexualisation of the culture competes with the message of the Gospel and the practice of the faith, leaving many families ill-equipped to pass on the faith to their children.

Drawing on key insights from their work in marriage and family spanning two decades, this workshop will explore the practical ways to evangelise through marriage and the family in the current cultural climate. The role of Matrimonied couples as prophetic leaders and agents of evangelization will be discussed and practical strategies for empowering married couples to be forces of evangelisation through their relationship explored.

Dr Byron Pirola, PhD & Francine Pirola, MA, are the Executive Directors of the Marriage Resource Centre