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Australian World Youth Day Pilgrim Update - Urgent Attention Required NSW QLD & NT Pilgrims

Last edited 19th June 2013

Australian World Youth Day Pilgrim Update - Urgent Attention Required NSW QLD & NT Pilgrims

Late last week Harvest Pilgrimages and the BCPL were made aware of some staff changes at the Brazilian Consulate in Sydney. This included a number of senior staff and visa processing staff. These changes have seen a change in our arrangements for the processing of WYD visa's through this consulate. The Brazilian Consulate in Sydney processes visa's for those from New South Wales, Queensland and the Norther Territory.Each application must now be accompanied by the WYD registration certificate (previously waved through a negotiation and the supply of a list of pilgrims travelling with the Official Tour Operator). We have been able to negotiate that the Brazilian Consulate will contact Harvest Pilgrimages to supply these certificates, for those currently at the consulate and those arriving in the coming days.To help in this situation can you please be aware of the following: Please ensure your visa's is lodged immediately as there is now a back log on processing (due to processing being stopped over the past few weeks).


If visa applications are returned or turned away, please stress that you are part of the Harvest Pilgrimages group and that Harvest Pilgrimages will supply the registration certificate. Please notify Harvest Pilgrimages (1300 993 746) if an application is returned or turned away. If you are awaiting passport, please be patient as we have been assured that they will be processed with priority. Harvest Pilgrimages has no control over the timing of processing applications or any delays in original pick up timeframes. This is at the discretion of the Consulate. Please be assured this is not as a result of Harvest Pilgrimage actions.
Harvest has followed the Consulate instructions strictly.
It is the Consulate which has now change the processing system. If you have any concerns please contact:
Malcolm Hart - or
Harvest Pilgrimages –

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