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Faithful Can Send Intentions for Papal Mass at Brazilian Shrine

Last edited 25th June 2013

Faithful Can Send Intentions for Papal Mass at Brazilian Shrine

The Catholic faithful from around the world are invited to send their prayer intentions to the Shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida for the Mass that Pope Francis will celebrate there during his visit to Brazil in July.

The press office of the Shrine of Aparecida announced that it will collect all of the intentions that it receives in a special book that will be given to the Holy Father. The deadline for receiving prayer intentions for the Mass is July 14.

Those who wish to send in their prayer intentions should visit:

Visit this article

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princess r.
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princess r. wrote at 1:05pm on July 1st 2013
i would like to send a prayer intention but is there a page available for english speaking countries? because i cannot understand the spanish text.

thank you very much!
Mary B
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Mary B wrote at 2:55am on July 3rd 2013
Hi Sarah,

Even though the site is not in English, you can still submit a prayer request in English!

Just go to this link:

And fill in the following information in the text boxes...

Your Name
Your email
Diocese (the drop down box only has Brazilian locations, so just leave it out)
Date of Birth
Your Message (up to 300 characters).

Hope this helps!