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WYD Youth Festival Has Over 600 Confirmed Activities!

Last edited 16th July 2013

WYD Youth Festival Has Over 600 Confirmed Activities!

Music, exhibitions, dance, theatre, cinema, hikes, church tours and landmark visits make up the various activities of the Youth Festival for WYD Rio2013. According to the Main Evens department of the Rio2013 Local Organizing Committee, more than 600 free activities are already confirmed and will take place in various regions of Rio de Janeiro.

"The events are designed to capture the attention of the public, offering the opportunity to enjoy the diversity, quality and magnificence of artistic expression - a concert, a painting, a sculpture, a film - to propose an encounter with God," says Gustavo Ribeiro, manager of the Main Events department.

The Youth Festival will be organized through the following areas listed on the official WYD website.

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