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Escaped Child Bride Nada Al-Ahdals Says: 'I'm Not for sale'

Last edited 22nd July 2013

AN 11-year-old Yemeni girl who escaped her parents and an arranged marriage has taken to the internet to declare: "I'm not an item for sale." In an eloquent monologue posted on YouTube, Nada Al-Ahdals says she fled to her uncle's house when her parents attempted to force her into marrying an older man for money. "I would have had no life, no education," she says in the video, dated July 8. "Don't they have any compassion?""I'm better off dead. I'd rather die."In an interview with National Yemen, Al-Ahdals says she wants to continue her education. "I have many dreams, I don't want to be married now," she says.

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