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P2P - An Advent Prayer Campaign for WYD2016

Last edited 3rd December 2013

Here is a message from the team at the World Youth Day 2016 office in Kraków about their Advent prayer campaign for WYD!

World Youth Day is not going to prepare by itself. If we want them to be extraordinary, we need to take action now! It is time to focus.

Advent is perfect opportunity to start. P2P - people to people, prayer to prayer. There is no better idea for big beggining of preparations for WYD than common prayer. And if prayer, the rosary is necessary. Because the rosary is people. Living people.

It is not only a method of prayer, churchal devotion, act of religious worship, but also the rosary is a living person, with all he carries itself, with all what his life is, with all his secrets.

In the Advent time we want to revive it in us and we want our self to be revived by it.

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