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Organising Committee Established for WYD 2016

Last edited 7th January 2014

Organising Committee Established for WYD 2016

An Organising Committee for World Youth Day in 2016, composed of 37 people, has been founded by Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. According the Cardinal, Catholics in Krakow are enthusastic about welcoming young people from around the world to the homeland of John Paul II, and they are lookin forward to the energy that World Youth Day will bring to the Church in Poland.

“We hope, that coming of young with their enthusiasm, joy, youth, is going to help with changing the attitude (in Poland). The attitude which needs to be refreshed, and will make us to look at the Church in Poland more positively with hope for a better future.” - Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, head of the WYD Organising Committee’s Board.

Currently the committe covers several departments, including: liturgy and music, catechesis and prayer, religious culture, education, preparation and follow-up, pilgrimage of the Cross & Icon, as well as the service department which covers logistics and communication.

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