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Prepare for WYD2016 with "The Spirit of JMJ Rio"

Last edited 7th February 2014

Prepare for WYD2016 with

World Youth Day Rio 2013 united 4 Million people from every nation to participate in the greatest celebration of faith in the world. These WYD meetings started in 1985 and since then, thanks to the great Saint John Paul II, have been hosted in different countries and cities every two or three years.

A group of volunteers have put together a book of testimonies called "The Spirit of JMJ Rio". The book includes hundreds of photos, as well as volunteer stories. This book is a collection of stories from people of various nationalities and backgrounds, who describe how they experienced this amazing event in Rio de Janeiro.

Order a copy of "The Spirit of JMJ Rio" today, as you begin your preparation for the World Youth Day 2016 in Kraków:

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