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Why I’ll Be Seeing Noah

Last edited 27th March 2014

Why I’ll Be Seeing Noah

My suspicion is that suspicious viewers will find the film stimulating, helping them see fascinating facets of the story they’ve not seen before

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Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 9:19pm on March 31st 2014
Hello All-I saw NOAH and it is disappointing to say the least-
While the film does talk about why the flood happened, it throws Noah and his family into a very weird light-they come off as extememly disfunctional, even though the original story shows they knew what they all had to do-by the will of God
For Example:
Noahs daughter in law get's pregnant before the flood, and Noah decides she has 'sinned'. THEN, he tells her , that if the baby is a girl, he will KILL the baby!
Its no wonder the Holy Father balked when the main actor asked him to see the movie.
Its very ecology themed in placed also, as well as very violent.
The Special effects are worth the whole movie , but-if youre a purist, you should NOT see the movie-God is constanly called the 'Creator'-which is ok, but that's all they call him through out the movie.
It also shows one of the sons who wants to save a young girl who is being left behind, and Noah refuses to save her even though she is innocent of wrong doing.
Not a film that promotes Gods mercy, that's for sure.