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Disbelief, Horror Follow Desertion of Down Syndrome Baby

Last edited 11th August 2014

Disbelief, Horror Follow Desertion of Down Syndrome Baby

Advocates for those with Down syndrome are appalled and grieved by the reported abandonment of a baby who had been diagnosed with the genetic condition.

“It is such a bizarre and sad case,” said Michelle Sie Whitten, executive director of the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, which uses research, medical care, and education to support those living with Down syndrome and their families.

According to reports an Australian couple abandoned one of their twin babies – named Gammy – with his surrogate mother in Thailand after discovering that the child had Down syndrome.

Pattharamon Chanbua, age 21, says that the Australian couple hired her as a surrogate for their twin babies. She told media outlets that they were informed of the boy’s Down syndrome diagnosis part-way through the pregnancy and asked her to abort the baby boy, while keeping the healthy baby girl alive, but she refused on religious grounds. Visit this article to read more.

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