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Advent: My Catholic Story - Ashleigh Green on Interfaith Dialogue

Last edited 18th November 2014

My Catholic Story - Ashleigh Green on Interfaith Dialogue

In recent months, the situation for Muslims living in Australia has become dire. As appalling scenes continue to play out in the Middle East, many Australian Muslims are being associated with the actions of extremist groups like the Islamic State. On the front page of a recent Australian newspaper was the story of an Australian Muslim woman – born and bred on the Central Coast of NSW – who was abused in a doctor’s surgery for wearing the burqa.

People justify their poor behaviour and disrespect by saying that they feel threatened and scared that Australia will be taken over by outsiders. But what if we start looking at the Muslims in our communities as insiders? As sisters and brothers? As people just like us? In Nostra Aetate – the declaration on the relation of the church to non-Christian religions – it states that, “We cannot truly pray to God the Father of all if we treat any people as other than sisters and brothers, for all are created in God’s image.”

Today's feature is an interview with Ashleigh Green, the Christian-Muslim Relations Officer for the St Columbans Mission Society, on the importance of the Catholic Church's commitment to interfaith dialogue.

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