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Palm Sunday - World Youth Day 2015 - LIVE on

Last edited 26th March 2015

Palm Sunday - World Youth Day 2015 - LIVE on

Did you know that World Youth Day, takes place at a local level on Palm Sunday every year? So on this coming Palm Sunday, the youth of the world will celebrate World Youth Day 2015!

Pope Francis has released a message for WYD2015 with the theme: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God" (MT 5:8).

The Pope will be celebrating WYD2015 with young people from around the world during this weekend's Palm Sunday Mass at the Vatican. You are invited to the join the Holy Father and celebrate World Youth Day 2015 LIVE with Xt3!

Tune in for Xt3's LIVE Palm Sunday webcast at

  • Rome (Italy) - 29 March at 9:30am
  • Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart (Australia) - 29 March at 6:30pm
  • Brisbane (Australia) - 29 March at 5:30pm
  • Adelaide (Australia) - 29 March at 6:00pm
  • Perth (Australia) - 29 March at 3:30pm
  • Auckland (New Zealand) - 29 March at 8:30pm
  • London (England) - 29 March at 8:30am
  • New York (USA) - 29 March at 3:30am
  • Los Angeles (USA) - 29 March at 12:30am
  • Toronto (Canada) - 29 March at 3:30am
  • Manila (Philippines) - 29 March at 3:30pm
  • New Delhi (India) - 29 March at 1:00pm
***Attention Australian Viewers***

We have a special treat for you this Friday 27 March 2015 at 6:45pm Sydney time!

Tune in for the LIVE premiere of the Official Australian Translation of the WYD2016 Song, by Simon Hyland, Samantha Shaw, Fr. George Kolodziej & the Broken Bay WYD Choir.

You will be able to hear the song live at - so don't miss out!

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