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A Beatification for the 21st Century

Last edited 20th May 2015

A Beatification for the 21st Century

If you can’t be in El Salvador for Saturday’s beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero, not to worry. The Internet will bring it right to you. From Instagram photos, to blogs and tweets, Facebook updates and free downloadable prayer cards and posters, the event will reach a global audience bigger than the 200,000 to 260,000 expected to attend the ceremony in this Central American nation of 6 million.

The use of the modern media being used to move news of his beatification might be a fitting tribute to Archbishop Romero. Though he lived simply, among the few remaining belongings left in a room where he lived as archbishop, visitors will notice a tape recorder. He kept an audio diary — high technology for those days, and an instrument to transmit the Gospel to a mass audience.

To follow the beatification via Twitter, you can follow the #BeatificacionRomero hashtag in Spanish, #RomeroBeatification in English. For more information visit

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