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Identical Twins Celebrate 75 Years as Nuns

Last edited 25th June 2015

Identical Twins Celebrate 75 Years as Nuns

93-year-old identical twins, Sisters Canice and Canisius Lastrapes of the Sisters of the Holy Family seemed born to their destiny. Growing up in Opelousas, the youngest of 12 children and now celebrating 75 years as nuns, they say they’ve never had a second of regret.

Seventy-five family members came from around the country to the order’s motherhouse on Chef Menteur Highway on a recent weekend to share in the celebration.

“They’ve just been an enormous inspiration to so many people over the years,” said Jude Lastrapes, a great-nephew of the two nuns who came from New York City to take part in the milestone. “All you have to do is look at them and you see so much love and energy. … It’s like they were born to be nuns.”

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