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The Call to Greatness - Building Men of God

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The Call to Greatness - Building Men of God

Greatness; that’s our goal as men, right? Whether we want to be a scientist or a lawyer or a football player, we want to be great. That’s a good thing because we are called to greatness by God. However, every great doctor or athlete or plumber or teacher had someone coach them.

If we’re going to be able to face the challenges and do what seems impossible in manhood today, we need a coach. If we want to be men of God, we have to be willing to learn. In our generation, I don’t think the problem is that you and I aren’t willing to learn. I think the problem is that there aren’t enough men willing to teach us.

Have you ever felt unworthy to do great things? I definitely have. A lot of us feel like even if God was calling us to do something big, we wouldn’t be right for it. Little lies have their way of sneaking in. Here’s the thing about lies and insecurities: they have to be sneaky. They stay in the dark, because if they were exposed to the light, we’d be able to see them for what they really are.

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