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Matt Fradd: How Porn Turns Men Into Little Boys

Last edited 8th October 2015

Matt Fradd: How Porn Turns Men Into Little Boys

Pornography is often classified, along with other sexually oriented businesses, as “adult” entertainment—something for “mature” audiences. If these descriptions merely meant these kinds of entertainment are “not suitable for children” then few would protest. That said, it would be foolish to use this as an argument that pornography is actually suitable for adults. Heroin and racism are also “not suitable for children,” but this does not mean that they are healthy for those over the age of eighteen.

Porn advocates are fond of saying that pornography is sophisticated, mature entertainment suitable for responsible adults. But this is simply not true as shown by some fascinating research on the impact of viewing porn on the brain. In fact, the very part of the brain that is the mark of adulthood and maturity is the thing that is eroded as we view more porn. It is as if the brain is reverting, becoming more childlike. “Adult” entertainment is actually making us more juvenile. Visit this article to read more.

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