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The Holy Year of Mercy - A Podcast

Last edited 15th January 2016

The Holy Year of Mercy - A Podcast

Spiritual Work of Mercy - Comfort the Afflicted - Fr Michael de Stoop PP

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In this episode, Fr Michael de Stoop, Parish Priest of Our Lady of the Rosary Fairfield Parish, talks about the Spiritual Work of Mercy - Comforting the Afflicted.

Comforting the afflicted is a spiritual work of mercy, because such affliction is felt interiorly. We all know what it’s like to feel disappointed, sad, and desolate. Sadly, this particular spiritual work of mercy is too often neglected. This is attributed to our culture which conditions us to see inner-affliction as something simply caused by a problem which needs to be resolved, rather than personal pain from which people are yearning for someone’s empathy.

Listen to the podcast to hear stories of this work of mercy and advice on how we can live this work of mercy in our lives.