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The Holy Year of Mercy - A Podcast

Last edited 15th January 2016

The Holy Year of Mercy - A Podcast

Corporal Work of Mercy - Feed the Hungry - Harry Sadsad

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"The planet has enough food for all, but it seems that there is a lack of willingness to share it with everyone," said Pope Francis during a homily for the general assembly of Caritas Internationalis.

In this episode, we speak with Harry Sadsad, a volunteer at St Canice Soup kitchen for the past 6 years. Harry is also a high school teacher at a high school with initiatives that reflect this work of mercy in a simple, local way.

Harry explores the idea of feeding 'hungry' in both the spiritual and physical sense and gives us some ideas on how we can live this work of mercy in our lives. "It stops and starts with you" is a motto at the school Harry teaches at. Listen to how we can do more in ways we might not have thought about before.