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The Holy Year of Mercy - A Podcast

Last edited 15th January 2016

The Holy Year of Mercy - A Podcast

Corporal Work of Mercy - Visit the Imprisoned - Sr Rachel Fleurant MGL

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Sister Rachel Fleurant is a Missionaries of God’s Love Sister. She regularly visits a juvenile justice centre. In this podcast, she shares with us a story of a young man in one of those centres and a beautiful prayer experience they shared.

Visiting the imprisoned is a corporal work of mercy. It may be daunting or scary to do, but isn’t that the way of the Gospel - challenging?

Visiting the imprisoned isn’t about showing support for the wrongdoing they might have done and it’s not about condemning either. It is about recognising and acknowledging the human dignity in each and every person and being Christ to those who may need it most.

[This is an excerpt from a talk at the Australian Catholic Youth Festival, Adelaide, 2015].