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Beginnings of a Young Prolifer: 40 Days for Life

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Beginnings of a Young Prolifer: 40 Days for Life

To be silent or not to be silent?

One thing I especially struggle with while thrust into the wildness of everyday life is discerning when it is appropriate to speak up. When ‘the topic’ comes up you feel like it is almost your responsibility to express righteousness but after the endless panic of trying to come up with punchy statements and sound intellectual by throwing in a few numbers here and there we forget to ask ourselves, questions such as; is this person ready to hear this?

Is this charity or is it to fuel feelings of self-righteousness? Am I prepared to listen to this person and love them no matter what opinions they hold?

We can overthink our responsibility and forget to love people, which is really our responsibility as Christians. It is Gods job to change hearts and he will use us to affect people when we hardly know it. When talking to friends the general response is that most contact they have had with advocators for the prolife movement are aggressive and hold only respect for the unborn.

If we believe in the sanctity of human life we must also respect a mother just as much as the child. This is a preconceived mentality of the outside world that needs to be reshaped by example.

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