Year of Youth 2018

Pope Francis at Casa Santa Marta: God's Mercy is so Great that he Loves our Pettiness

Last edited 10th December 2015

During his Thursday morning homily at Casa Santa Marta, Pope Francis explained that God's mercy is limitless. He added that it's so great he is able to love every person.

"We are all so nervous when something does not go to plan; we scream and shout, we are impatient…

He, however, says 'Calm down; yes, you’ve made a mistake but don’t worry, don’t be afraid. I forgive you. Give me your (sins).' This is what we mean when we repeat it in the Psalm: 'The Lord is merciful and great in love.' We are small. He has given us everything. He only asks for our miseries, our pettiness, our sins, to embrace us, to caress us.” The Pope concluded by inviting all Christians to learn about the mercy of God and then be more merciful themselves in the future.

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