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The Year of Mercy – What’s in it for Singles?

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The Year of Mercy – What’s in it for Singles?

On December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Pope Francis will launch the Year of Mercy.

I hope your next question is, What’s in it for me? Because it’s all about you, you know. Mercy is not some abstract ideal. God wants to be merciful to YOU. In a practical, real time way. Just look at the launch date. December 8th.

That’s the day God said, “Check this out.” (I paraphrase.) “I’m going to make the perfect mom for my Son and then He’s going to share her with the whole world. That way the world gets a loving Father and a loving Mother!” God did not wish to leave humanity alone.

The Pope picked that date to remind us that “God did not wish to leave humanity alone.“ Ponder those words. Do you believe that?

You may be a Catholic and (Catechism talk ahead) “fully assent to it with your intellect and will.” But do you feel that God does not leave you alone? Or do you sometimes feel like this guy who commented:

“I know Jesus loves me and all that jazz, so why doesn’t He DO something?” If the comment boxes are any indication, that guy speaks for a lot of people. But it’s not only singles who feel that way, it’s anybody who carries a burden. Even the most stalwart believers among us hit a low point when we wonder if God really cares about us. Why do other people seem to have what we need?

Has God forgotten us? Guess what? The Pope understands.

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