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There's No 'Vocation to Laziness', Pope Tells Young People

Last edited 14th December 2015

There's No 'Vocation to Laziness', Pope Tells Young People

Pope Francis on Monday met with an Italian initiative aimed at offering support to unemployed and underemployed youth, saying their responsibility is to help young people rediscover the “vocation” of work in the context of their human dignity.

The task at hand is to help young people find, not just a job, but “a responsibility of evangelisation through the sanctifying value of work,” the Pope said during the Dec. 14 audience with members of the Policoro Project.

However, this does not apply to “any form of work: not work that exploits, crushes, humiliates and abuses, but work that makes man truly free, in accordance with his noble dignity”.

“The vocation to work: that is one of the traits of human dignity,” the Roman Pontiff said. “There is no vocation to laziness, but to work.”

He added that this sense of commitment to work goes beyond monetary gains: it is for the “edification of the world, of society, and of life.” Visit this article to read more.

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