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How does God Show Mercy to Us?

Last edited 16th December 2015

How does God Show Mercy to Us?

The Church is the “living sign” of God's love and mercy in the world, Pope Francis said during his Wednesday general audience. He reflected on the universality of communion as demonstrated by the global scale of the Jubilee of Mercy.

“May this ecclesial communion become more and more intense, because the Church is in the world the living sign of the love and mercy of the Father,” the Pope said in his Dec. 16 catechesis.
This “mystery of communion,” which is a sign of the “Father's love” for the Church, “grows and matures in our heart when love, which we recognize in Christ's Cross and in which we immerse ourselves, causes us to love as we ourselves are loved by Him.”

“It is an endless Love, which has the face of forgiveness and mercy.”

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