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The Permanent Wounds of Mercy

Last edited 4th January 2016

The Permanent Wounds of Mercy

Everyone’s recovering from something; everyone needs healing in some way. Whether it’s sin or self-contempt or addiction or a time when someone else hurt us, we all have some part of us that’s desperately in need of God’s grace. But sometimes it feels like God doesn’t want to give it. Our past and our mistakes still haunt us. We still go over the situation in our heads, kicking ourselves for not doing something differently, wondering why we didn’t. Maybe the problem is that we’re asking for the wrong thing.

We think that when God’s mercy heals us the past will be erased and we’ll never have to think about it or deal with it again; it will simply be over. But even God Himself let His wounds remain. He left the evidence of the atrocious, shameful things done to Him on His body even though He didn’t need to, and I think that those permanent wounds are there to tell us something. Visit this article to read more.

Visit this article

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