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15 Simple Acts of Charity that We Frequently Forget

Last edited 19th January 2016

15 Simple Acts of Charity that We Frequently Forget

Easter has come and gone and as we rejoice in and live out the words of Pope Francis, Catholic Link have assembled a list of simple acts of charity. They might seem small, but in reality they are true, concrete manifestations of God’s love. A heart conformed to God cannot remain permanently indifferent towards others. Do not cut the world off from your smile, your laughter, and the hope of God that is in you! The world needs it.

"To put into practice this witness of charity, the encounter with the Lord who transforms man’s heart and outlook is therefore indispensable. Indeed, it is the witness of God’s love for each one of our brothers and sisters in humanity which gives true meaning to Christian charity. Charity cannot be reduced to mere humanism or to a project for human advancement. Material aid, however necessary it may be, is not the be-all and end-all of charity, which is participation in Christ’s love, received and shared. Every authentic charitable action is thus a tangible manifestation of God’s love for men and women and thereby becomes a proclamation of the Gospel."
- Benedict XVI.

  1. A Smile! A Christian is always full of laughter and happiness!
  2. Listen to someone else’s story with love, not judgment.
  3. Always be thankful (even when you don’t “have to”)
  4. Remember to tell others how much you love them.
  5. Help out when it’s needed so others can rest.
  6. Speak to your parents over the phone or through other means.
  7. Greet people you see every day with a smile.
  8. Stop to help. Be aware of who needs your help.
  9. Pick out what you don’t use and give it away to someone in need.
  10. Correct others using love, rather than fear.
  11. Clean up after yourself at home.
  12. Lift someone’s spirits.
  13. Notice details.
  14. Help others overcome obstacles.
  15. Celebrate other people’s success.
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