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Child of Mercy

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Child of Mercy

As she sat across from us, her pain was almost palpable. A family friend sat with my then-fiancé and I as she lamented about her oldest son’s behavior problems.

He struggled with nutrition, attention deficit and general disobedience. As she went on, she eventually divulged the real, haunting, deep truth behind her struggle. The root of her pain wasn’t her son’s difficulties, but rather her own guilt. She explained that her son had been conceived out of wedlock and she felt that her sin was the reason for his problems as he grew.

This woman felt that her son was being punished for her impurity. You know, it’s amazing how the devil tricks us into believing sin is no big deal when we are tempted with it only to then convince us that our sin is too big of a deal for God to forgive once we have committed it. My husband didn’t miss a beat as he began to speak truth to her.

“Your son isn’t a child of sin; he is a child of mercy. God’s all encompassing plan is so big, that it can cover even our sins. Our God can bring a good out of every evil if only we let Him.” Years later this same friend pinpointed this day as a pivotal moment in her walk toward healing. She began to see that God didn’t give her punishment for her sin, but a miracle instead. Finally, she was free to help her son carry His cross with Christ’s strength rather than her own.

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