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'Come, follow me' - Consecrated Life Today

Last edited 4th February 2016

Since the beginnings of Christianity, men and women have chosen to commit to celibacy, living chastity, poverty and obedience following Christ and the Gospel. A free gift from God as well as the answer to a personal call, consecrated life has taken many forms over the centuries, but often includes three essential elements: consecration, mission and community life. In this film we meet consecrated members of different communities, churches and countries who have responded to the same call as Christ, leaving everything to follow him.This film was made during the year of consecrated life, opened by Pope Francis on 30th November 2014 and lasting until 2nd February, 2016.

It was filmed firstly in Rome, at the first ecumenical conference on Consecrated Life organised by the Vatican in January 2015, then in Trevi (also in Italy), St Petersburg, Russia and finally at Hautecombe Abbey in France.

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