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“Make a mess!” - Get involved in the Youth Festival or the 'Vocations Center'

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“Make a mess!” - Get involved in the Youth Festival or the 'Vocations Center'

Do you have a talent and want to share it? Are you wondering how to express the idea of Divine Mercy through various artistic forms? Are you working on discovering your vocation in your life and want to tell others about this? Respond to the call of Pope Francis - "Go, and make a mess" - register for the Youth Festival or the Vocations Center!

On the streets, squares and in city parks it will be possible to meet young people, who will share their talents, joy and above all faith in God. As part of the Youth Festival, among others there are concerts, productions, dance shows and other cultural events planned related to the theme of the July meeting. During WYD there will also be a space created that will help young people get to know various way of realizing their vocation. The Vocations Center will be made up of two parts: presentations of the activities of communities, religious orders, congregations and Catholic organizations and Academies (God, Family, Work, Mercy).

"The Vocations Center will be located in Krakow. In the case of the Youth Festival we are planning events not only in Krakow, but also outside of it. We are currently in talks with specific municipalities. In each district the Youth Festival will look different. This depends on the agreement concluded and common arrangements of the representative of the municipality and the Organizing Committee of WYD," explains Ma?gorzata Skorupa from the Youth Festival Department.

To be able to be a co-creator of the Youth Festival or the Vocations Center, you should fill out the registration form, available at the address:


The registration form consists of five tabs. The second and third page concern information about the artist and the project, which became proposed for the Youth Festival. The Manager of the project should try to obtain a letter of recommendation, as they will be the representative of the whole team and guarantee that their involvement is in accordance with the idea of WYD. A sample letter will be found in the registration form.

One of the aims of the Festival is that the performers would be pilgrims. They have priority during the review of applications. Not registering in the system as pilgrims does not exclude anyone from participating in the Youth Festival. "All teams and artists who want to perform during WYD ought to fill out an application form for the Youth Festival," clarifies Malgorzata Skorupa.

The fourth tab serves for declaring the wish to participate in the Vocations Center.

After registering further information will be passed on through email. From there it is necessary that the person declaring the project as part of the Festival or the person responsible for the presentation on the Center regularly check their email, making sure that the message was not sent to the Spam folder.

If you have any questions arising when registering for the Youth Festival and Vocations Center, there are hints available in the form to help with resolving them. In can you have further questions you should contact the Registration Section, which is responsible for receiving applications. Responses are given by consultants (from Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm):

in Polish: +48 12 4467261; mail:
in English: +48 12 4467262; mail:
in Italian:+48 12 4467263; mail:
in Spanish: +48 12 4467264; mail:
in French: +48 12 4467265; mail:

Questions related to the Youth Festival and Vocations Center, but not related to registration should be directed to the email:

Dominika Stoszek

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