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MERCY FOR MOTHERS - Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated

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MERCY FOR MOTHERS -  Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated

Pregnancy Crisis Incorporated is a Charity launched by the Archbishop of Brisbane, Archbishop Bathersby in November 2008. The Charity has built a safe house for abused pregnant women which was opened and blessed by Archbishop Coleridge in 2012.

The Charity is dedicated to serving the community by welfare to impoverished mothers, protecting the lives of unborn children and reducing the amount of domestic violence in Australia.The Charity has established a non-judgmental volunteer support group which has saved a large number of lives. The support group is dedicated to helping women in difficult circumstances. Some of the women the Charity helped have been physically and emotionally abused by the father of the child and desperately need help.

The Charity’s non-judgmental service includes emergency accommodation in PCI House for abused impoverished pregnant women who are under pressure to terminate their pregnancy, provision of baby goods, telephone availability and advocacy, transport to medical, ultrasound and other appointments and giving ongoing support and help after the birth of the child for about six months depending on the client’s need.

One of our many clients who was being pressured to terminate her pregnancy found out about the service provided by PCI. As a result of the support given to her by the support group she continued with her pregnancy and now has a beautiful baby girl. She has provided PCI with a copy of her journey and her story as attached.

PCI has accommodated a large number of pregnant mothers at PCI House and visited many more in their own homes. If you would like to help these women throughout Australia, please let the Charity know and we will endeavour to expand the services of the Charity into your area.

If you would like to help, please telephone PCI on 1300 777 777 or email us on The Charity would be happy to answer any questions that you may have and spread the work of the ministry by showing mercy to pregnant mothers by non-judgemental support workers.

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