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Casey: Support Those Who Are Not Able to Be Here!

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Casey: Support Those Who Are Not Able to Be Here!

Jagiellonian University in Krakow hosted guests from all over the world to talk about WYDs this April. We spoke with Daney Casey, Chief Operating Officer of World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, about his experience and influence of the Holy Spirit.

Paula Andrea Mora: In your presentation, you shared exciting experiences about the preparation of WYD 2008 in Sydney. What advice would you give those who are hesitating to come to WYD 2016, because of the concerns about the security of the event?

Daney Casey: As we listened before this morning, civil authorities are really concern about it, it is something they have to take care of and as we were told, they assure they are working so that security be guaranteed, they are focused on Krakow be safe for pilgrims during WYD.Some years ago, father Thomas Rosica faced a similar crisis when organizing the 2002 WYD for what happened in 2001. Then, he received a message from pope John Paul II in which the pope said: "Now more than ever we need the WYD" and I think that now more than ever we need to gather as a one believe, we need to be gathered in praise, in prayer. We can assure that the civil authorities will take the appropriate steps.

In your speech you mentioned the work of the Holy Spirit at the WYD 2008. How can we, organizers and people who are preparing the WYD in different parishes and dioceses, be more powerful instruments to "help" the action of the Holy Spirit?

I think we definitely need to work really hard in organizing the WYD but also we need to pray very, very hard. Sometimes we are going to realize that there is not too much flow; you would expect there will be challenges, you would expect there will be forces that would not want this to be realized, and the only way we can overcome that is this: prayer on one side and hard work on the other, so those two things must come together. Often, we will reflect together in a leadership them, in staff them, but we need to pray as hard as we work. We need to do it very, very well. God will take us further than we can do by ourselves. We have to give everything that we have until the last drop, that also includes strong spiritual life and prayer; could start all our meetings with the WYD prayer and conclude all our meeting with the WYD prayer. Even we can invite civil authorities and meet together and pray, to make sure they will be serving God and the Church at this time.

There are people who would like to participate in this WYD in Poland, but some of them cannot come. Could you tell us how the blessings of God can reach, not only to those who are physically taking part of the WYD, but also those who are following the event from home?

We had the same experience. WYD 2008 took place in a many, many-kilometers- far-from-here land and not everyone could do that journey. Obviously, if it is possible to participate physically it is a wonderful journey to make which goes beyond of imagination, but if not, for sure the Holy Spirit will work on the distance; I would say to those young people, be involved in a local community, there will be a lot of materials available online, there will be much coverage throughout the media, and it is important that the next organizing step is communication supports those who are not able to be there, so they too can experience the wonderful joy and spiritual journey which is the WYD.

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Xt3 will be live-streaming World Youth Day 2016 in Krakow, Poland for those who are unable to be physically present.

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