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WYD Choir Is Getting Ready For WYD!

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WYD Choir Is Getting Ready For WYD!

Musical arrangement is part of the preparations of the most important event in the contemporary Catholic Church, established in 1985 by Pope John Paul II, which is World Youth Day.

The aim of these preparations is to help young people at WYD to experience a true meeting with Christ and Christ in their neighbour.

A special Music Team within the Department of Main Events in the Local Organizing Committee is in charge of the musical arrangement of WYD. The Team is composed of Fr. Robert Tyrala, Adam Sztaba, Wieslaw Delimat, Janusz Wierzgacz, Fr. Dawid Kusz OP, Bartlomiej Karwanski, Marek Pawelek, Lukasz Jarocki, Natalia Tokarczyk, Fr. Lech Dorobczynski, and Gabriela Gasior.

The choir of World Youth Day 2016 has been in the works since September 2013. Over the past 2 years, eager musicians and singers have sent their applications declaring their wish to sing in the main choir of the Main Events in July 2016.

From the 2,000 applications received, after several rounds of interviews conducted 300 people were invited to form the choir.

During the auditions, the Commission drew attention primarily on voice conditions, previous musical experience, education, and musical activity undertaken by the candidate.
There will also be an orchestra that will be part of the July events, which, together with the choir, will artistically and spiritually enrich the course of the liturgy. This group is primarily composed of students of music academies and graduates of secondary schools of music.

Regular choir rehearsals are taking place over the course of two months in Lagiewniki, where singers and conductors work intensively on the July repertoire. In June, the orchestra will also join the choir. The program will include both known traditional Polish and international music, as well as compositions prepared specially for World Youth Day 2016; among others, Henryk Jan Botor’s Misericordias Domini i Deus Caritas, Piotr Pa?ka’s Nie lekajcie sie, Fr. Wojciech Kalamarz’s Jezu ufam Tobie, Adoro te Devote, Jesus Christ you are my life, Emmanuel, Abba Ojcze, Misericordias Sicut Pater, Aprite le porte a Cristo, Awesome God, Hosanna, Cala ziemio wolaj, Oto s? baranki m?ode and many other works. There will also be popular compositions from the Lednica 2000 event, with songs perform such as Ojciec, Tak tak Panie, Nasze Oczekiwanie and Jezu ufam Tobie.
The choir of World Youth Day 2016 performed for the first time for the general public at the upcoming festivities in honor of St. Stanislaus in Krakow (the Procession from Wawel Cathedral to Ska?ka St. Stanislaw Sanctuary) on Sunday, May 8, where the choir performed, among others, Missa Ioannis Pauli Secundi - the Mass of Saint John Paull II, written by Henryk Jan Botor especially on the occasion of the 6th anniversary of the death of our Pope.

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