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Weather Forecast for WYD

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Weather Forecast for WYD

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management - National Research Institute will prepare a weather forecast for the duration of World Youth Day, which will be available on the website

Starting 1 July, a short-term (2-day) and medium-term (4-day) forecast for Krakow will be developed. And beginning mid-July, it will also be developed for Czestochowa, Wadowice, and Oswiecim. The forecasts will be updated twice a day – during the morning service until 7:00 and during the afternoon service until 14:00.

“Information on weather conditions will be updated every hour based on data from our measurement and observation network. These will be data from the measuring station closest to the capital of the diocese," says Teresa Zawislak, Operational Head of Meteorologiczna Os?ona Kraju (National Meteorological Protection).

Every morning at 7 o'clock, new meteograms (diagrams of air temperature, rainfall and phenomena for the next 48 hours, a chart showing the minimum and maximum temperatures) and biometeorological forecasts (wind chill temperature, suggestion of what type of clothing will ensure comfort, and a forecast of the amount of water one should consume) will appear on the page. This data will be updated once a day for each diocese separately. Meteorological warnings will appear on the website immediately after their release.

"The page is adapted for presentation on mobile devices. Up until the time leading up to WYD, the service portal is maintained in 24-hour mode," adds Grzegorz S?ota, Coordinator – Hydrology Systems Division (SH) and the Presentation-Information Systems PSHM.

The forecasts and meteorological warnings presented on the portal are being developed by the synoptic meteorologists on duty at the meteorological forecast offices IMGW-PIB, which makes up the State Hydrological and Meteorological Service. The site is available in 8 official WYD languages .

"In the event of a significant discrepancy between the forecast and the course of the weather, the forecast will be updated, but this happens very rarely. Reliability of the forecast for the first two days is about 90%, while for following days, it ranges from 75% to 85%," Teresa Zawislak added.

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