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Mercy Festival - Let's Begin WYD with Worship

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Mercy Festival - Let's Begin WYD with Worship

The organizers of Mercy Festival invite everyone to prepare for WYD by worshiping God. Retreats, evangelization, and worship concerts will be held in St Mary's Church and in the Main Market Square throughout the week preceding the WYD Main Events.

"We combined the last-chance retreat with a kind of 'supporting' concert for the WYD events. Lectures will be a spiritual introduction into WYD, a time of reflection - although not too serious, because they will be led by the Dominican duo: Fr. Adam Szustak and Fr. Tomasz Nowak. But every evening after the conferences, there will be worship," says Alina Szastok of St. Mary's Basilica, the main organizer of the festival.

This part will take place from 18 to 21 July inside St. Mary's Basilica. The next days will be an open-air event, held on a big stage in the Market Square.

"We invited the best music groups of the Polish Christian scene. Professionals - not only in a musical sense, but also those who, through their playing and singing, pray and help others gain Spirit,” adds the organizer. New Life'm, Owca, niemaGOtu, and Exodus 15 will all perform. "We are also 'landing' a group from the Rzeszow Jednego Serca Jednego Ducha (One Heart, One Spirit) concert - among others Jan Budziaszek and Lydia and Marcin Pospieszalski. More than 100 people: a choir, orchestra, soloists, will come for the Saturday concert."

In addition to the organizers from St. Mary's Basilica, other organizers of the event include the Krakow Festival Office and the International Center for Evangelization. Therefore, the stage will also feature Bishop Grzegorz Rys, who will lead evangelization together with the Dominican fathers and dance leader Mark Pillar.

The festival was organized with residents and first pilgrims who will make their way to Krakow in mind. Therefore, all events will be conducted in both Polish and English.

Alina Szastok

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