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The Beauty of Consecration: Joy, Joy!

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The Beauty of Consecration: Joy, Joy!

A million copies of the book "Love is Giving Everything" about consecrated life will go to pilgrims at World Youth Day.

The book "Love is Giving Everything" came about through the initiative of Daniel, a 55-year old father of six, who wanted in this way express thankfulness to consecrated persons for their presence in the world. The idea for the book about consecrated life was accepted by Holy Father Pope Francis, who himself gave its title and wanted that this missionary book would go to the poorest countries on earth. A million copies will also go to Poland for World Youth Day.

"Love is Giving Everything" is a publication issued on the occasion of the Year of Consecrated Life. The Consecrated Life Congregation in Freiburg after being in conversation with Card. Stanis?aw Ry?ko – the president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, decided to give a million copies in 12 languages to all the pilgrims who will come to World Youth Day. They will be carried to Poland by nine trucks.

600 thousand examples will be given to young people during Days in the Dioceses. The next 400 thousand will be able to be picked up at the Vocations Center, which is an initiative accompanying WYD in Krakow, and in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy. The pocket size book is a collection of over 80 testimonies of people in consecrated life from Switzerland who decided to tell the story of their vocation.

The title "Love is Giving Everything" was taken from the poetry of St. Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face. The introduction is of the words of Holy Father Pope Francis from the Letter "Rejoice", directed to people in consecrated life: “This is the beauty of consecration: it is joy, joy... There is no holiness in sadness”. The afterword was put together by Jean Vanier – a well-known Canadian charismatic.

“This book is a concrete witness for young people that vocations aren’t something distant, which don’t concern us, but an expanse that needs to be discovered. The example of specific people sharing their testimony of discerning vocation and listening to the voice of God proved itself especially among young people going through confirmation and high school students. It fits their age, needs and time of life in which they find themselves. It’s also a good pastoral help at level 3 group oasis meetings, where the topic is the Church and discovering vocations,” says Angelik Sitek, spokesperson for the diocesan WYD committee, Archdiocese of Cz?stochowa.

Jakub Sobiecki from the Archdiocese of the WYD Organizing Committee of the Archdiocese of Gniezno notes that the book will be a great part of the promotion of the vocations zone, which will be set up in the seminary in Gniezno. “At the time of Days in the Dioceses we want to invite young people to visit the vocations zone in the seminary in Gniezno. It is to be an occasion to pray for the discernment of vocations, but also for meeting those who already discovered their vocation. Priests, clergy, nuns or young married couples will be ready to answer all questions of young people, give testimonies and simply pray with them. The book will be a continuation of what might be born in young hearts after this meeting. It will be something that will “stand out” in the pilgrim kit and will not let it be forgotten that a conscious choice of life path is very important,” says Jakub Sobiecki.

Kinga Poniewozik
“Love is Giving Everything” Association Édition „La Vie Consacrée” 2016

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