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WYD Translations on Radio Waves

Last edited 7th July 2016

WYD Translations on Radio Waves

Every pilgrim who will participate in the Main Events in July should bring along a small portable radio with headphones. This will enable the use of translations.

Pilgrims from nearly 200 countries will come to Krakow and they will speak different languages. A team of translators will help the youth fully understand the homilies and speeches during the ceremonies and meetings.

“Simultaneous translation will be conducted in all official WYD languages : Polish, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese, and Russian. The Episcopal Conference of the Czech Republic will also provide translations in Czech,” says Anna Chmura, coordinator of the Communications Department within the WYD LOC.

“The team consists of translators with appropriate qualifications and preparation. One of the selection criteria was knowledge of ecclesiastical terminology,” adds Mateusz Zimny of the Translation Section within the WYD LOC.

Pilgrims should carry a radio with headphones and spare batteries. Organizers advise against the use of mobile phones, even though they will also will be able to listen to the translations through them.

“The cell phone battery can run out. Do not forget headphones, which serve as an antenna. Without them, reception using a smartphone will be impossible,” adds Mateusz Zimny.

The specific frequency for each language will be included in the app and on the official World Youth Day website.

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