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Digital Pilgrimage Adds New Dimension to World Youth Day

Last edited 18th July 2016

Digital Pilgrimage Adds New Dimension to World Youth Day

This year's World Youth Day will include a kind of pilgrim: millions of digital pilgrims, who won’t be in Kraków physically, but who will be joining the spiritual journey by connecting via smart phones or other mobile devices, or through computers in their homes, schools or workplaces.

“If we use digital platforms to invite people on the journey with us, that’s a powerful gift,” said Yaklic.

But she emphasized that digital pilgrims at some point need to put their phones down, to pray about what they’re experiencing, to talk with others about it, and later to go out and serve those in need.

Digital pilgrims, she said, must recognize that their mobile phones are ultimately a tool, and the digital highway is a road, “to lead us to an encounter with Jesus Christ.”

Yaklic added, “Jesus didn’t call us to a relationship with our phones or devices. He calls us to be in a relationship with him and each other.”

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(CNS photo/Paul Jeffrey)

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