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Feast of Saint Rose of Lima August 23

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Feast of Saint Rose of Lima August 23

St. Rose’s real name was Isabel. I love that because when I was in college one of our spiritual leaders had the most beautiful little girl names Isabel and they called her Isa.

I’m telling you she was gorgeous, which would be appropriate because it is said that St. Rose’s face was so beautiful that they called her Rose as a nickname and it stuck. She was known for her dedication to Christ, but she didn’t get a lot of support from her family.

Even though they didn’t support her, when times got tough she worked all day in the garden and sewed all night to make ends meet. It is said that her embroidery and lace was the most beautiful handiwork. Still, her parents refused to let her enter a convent.

Instead she lived her life of Christ at home in solitude. She was said to have lived the utmost simple life, emptying herself of everything in order to be filled only with Christ. Some accounts of her life say that she rubbed pepper all over her face to keep her beauty from being a distraction and that she ate no meat and sparse portions.

Toward the end of her life she opened one of the rooms in their home to care for orphaned children, elderly and the sick. It was the beginning of social services in Peru. She died at the age of 31. St. Rose of Lima loved God so deeply that she endured family pressure and societal ridicule for her love.

Her commitment and discipline made way for Christ to enter her fully and completely. For her brave and loving actions, she was made the first canonized saint of the Americas.

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