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Artist Performs Pushups on Altar, Posts Video, Gets Fined.

Last edited 19th January 2017

Artist Performs Pushups on Altar, Posts Video, Gets Fined.

A German artist was fined after doing 27 pushups on a Catholic altar and posting a video of the stunt online.

In the video, 38 year-old Alexander Karle can be seen walking over a barrier at the communion rail at St. John's Basilica in the city of Saarbrücken.

He then climbs up on the altar, with his shoes on, to do the pushups, and briefly brushes off the altar with his hands before he leaves. Karle, who studied art at a local university, published a video of the act on YouTube, under the title “Pressure to Perform.”

He said that he wanted “to study the links between religion and the need to conform to high standards of the time,” according to reports from Russian and German news sources.

The video first caught the attention of Church officials when it was displayed at an art center last February.

The parish brought charges against Karle, accusing him of defiling a place of worship. “The Christian faith expects to be treated with respect,” local priest Fr. Eugen Vogt told Zeitung für Saarbrücken, calling the stunt an act of “provocation and offense.”

The General Prosecutor’s Office initially fined Karle €1,500 for disturbance of religious activities and illegal entry in a church domain closed to the public.

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