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First Interview with the Prelate of Opus Dei: "I Am Very Grateful to the Pope"

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Fernando Ocáriz is the third successor of St. Josemaria. A few hours ago the pope appointed him the prelate of Opus Dei, and these are his first statements.

Prelate of Opus Dei
"I give thanks to God, because deep down He has everything, including the history of people and institutions in his hand. I give thanks to the pope, to Pope Francis who appointed me, and confirmed the election that the voters had made in the congress."

Fernando Ocáriz was born 72 years ago in Paris, where his parents were exiled after the Spanish civil war. He then lived in Spain, where he studied Physics. He studied Theology in Rome, and lived there with the founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escrivá.

Prelate of Opus Dei
"The truth is that what impresses me the most was his capacity to love people. How he really cared. It was not a question of education, even with people he had just met, and so on, but it was evident that he loved people."

In addition to being passionate about tennis, the new prelate is also a prestigious theologian and consultant of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. However, he thinks he was chosen due to everything he learned from the previous prelate, Javier Echevarría.

Prelate of Opus Dei
"Well I don't know, it's possible they elected me simply because I spent 22 years alongside the previous prelate. But come on ... This is it ... Everyone chooses as he pleases, freely.
"Could you sleep last night?"
"Yes, not eight hours, but six."

The new prelate, who is in charge of the 92 thousand faithful in Opus Dei, says that his program is to follow the program of Pope Francis: the mobilization of all Catholics to bring the Christian message, spreading joy to every type of person.

Photo Credit: Opus Dei Communications Office via Flickr (CC BY NC-SA 2.0).

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