Year of Youth 2018

Lent: Giving God Your Gifts: Little Sisters of the Poor

Last edited 1st March 2017

Sister Rosarii is a religious sister belonging to the Little Sisters of the Poor, who has given her whole self as a gift to God in service. She has dedicated her life to serving the elderly in a nursing home run by her community in Randwick, Australia.

In this mini documentary, we get to know Sister Rosarii and find out what makes the Little Sisters of the Poor's mission unique to other nursing homes.

Thank you to the Little Sisters of the Poor in Randwick, especially Sister Rosarii and Sister Mary Lourdes, who welcomed us into their convent and nursing home.

This video feature is one part of a series called 'Giving God Your Gift' which includes blogs, podcasts and videos that puts the spotlight on several people who are using their God-given gifts back to God in service. We gain some insight into who they are and how giving their gift back to God as an offering brings them closer to Him.

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