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Response to Teen Vogue from a Pro-Life Teen

Last edited 27th February 2017

This video is a response to an article described as a “Post-Abortion Gift Guide” in Teen Vogue, which you can read here (, or not, depending on whether you really want to go there.

The idea of the article is to provide teens with gift ideas that they might offer their friend who has just had an abortion. Autumn quotes much of the article in her video response. The list of gifts for “post-abortion care” include a coloring book, chocolate, a heating pad shaped like an angry uterus, a “F U-terus” pin that you can wear and “high waisted period panties”, so you can “rock em for post-abortion woes.” I don’t think I need to spell out much more than what is obvious both from the article and from Autumn’s response: this is wrong on so many levels.

Text republished with kind permission from Original article:

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Guy Sudano
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Guy Sudano wrote at 1:41am on February 28th 2017
This video needs to be seen world wide-
it needs to be sent to Teen Vogue.
It needs to be seen by every teenager-
Glory to God for this video!