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Focolare Movement Brings Together Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian Families

Last edited 16th March 2017

It's not common to have an organized event for Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian families. However, this is what took place Loppiano, Italy.

A thousand people from the Focolare Movement participated in this congress to exchange views about the family.

Topics involved the relationships formed within it, how to overcome wounds and challenges, and the importance of family in society.

"It was a beautiful experience to be here. Family highlights: It reminds us how important we are as a family to be examples of this love, of this universal love, for all."

"The experience has been wonderful, we will take it to share with our communities.”

"They were very special days because we found ourselves integrated into a family, into a real family like ours." Participants came from 50 countries, and reflected the universal fraternity that the Focolare Movement has been promoting for decades.

Years ago, this initiative seemed like an impossible dream.

President of the Focolare Movement"We started saying that this afternoon we wanted to dream. And it might seem like a dream, only a dream.

However, the experiences we've heard tell us that this is already a reality."

The branch of the Focolare Movement responsible for families was created in 1967. For decades, it has been working on what Pope Francis proposes with Amoris Laetitia; investing in family pastoral care, helping couples overcome difficulties, and understanding the importance of the family's mission in both the Church and society.

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